The Oracui Philosophy

What does Oracui Mean? Why does Oracui Exist? What are we trying to achieve?

This session provides an insight into the inspiration behind Oracui and the mission we have set out to achieve. As you represent Oracui as a mentor, it is vital that you carry forward our vision and philosophy with each student you help.

Democratising Empathy

  • Derived from the latin ‘oraculi’, Oracui was founded on the premise that students can help students. Our team came together over time, but all have the same shared passion for peer-to-peer learning and helping students achieve their full potential. Having interviewed many experts across a range of industries, a common thread runs through: mentors impart invaluable knowledge. Our mission is to give younger students access to mentor-like figures at an earlier age to accelerate their journey and project them further. 

Why do students need Mentors?

  • Fill the gap of rigid agencies, they lack empathy, we need to provide a relatable and anecdotal account of our university/post high school lives. 
  • Current sources of help for students are outdated
  • Current university guidance counsellors cannot give curated 1:1 advice to students in accordance to their specific country/course/education system/application process
  • Undercut the expensive agencies