The Employability Skills Series: Resume Webinar with Johannes Romer

As a student, sooner or later you will be asked “…so what else than studying have you done so far?”. Latest at this point you will need to articulate, you need to resume your curriculum vitae, or in short, summarize in a CV your short life. This can be a challenge.

We’ve picked this crucial skill for our very first online webinar. No magic offered here, plain craftsmanship and a peek behind the scenes, for ideas and understanding how to write a CV. 

Never recommend what you’ve not tried yourself! Idris, Oracui Head of Corporate Communication, volunteered to partner with Johannes Roemer, in recruitment for some 20+ years, and subjected his resume to an intense scrutiny. In this webinar, Idris and Johannes will talk about progressing Idris’ CV and how your story will be seen from the other side. We offer no new templates but aim to make you more understanding and confident about this important skill.