Counselor vs Consultant

Henry Langdon’s experience spans a range of intrapreneurial roles within the UK education sector underpinned by a track record for innovating collaborative projects with high social impact. As a result, he has developed dynamic and versatile communication, relationship building, and project management skills. He has predominately worked between state and independent schools, universities, and the third sector. Consequently, his accomplishments to-date have been achieved by driving strategic solutions to social and educational problems using empathetic, resourceful and inventive methods. He is interested in innovations in technology, thinking, and communication that seek to help institutions, and social enterprises enhance the quality of their value propositions and scale operations effectively. Currently, Henry finds himself founding and leading Udamon, an organisation that supports educators and employers to enable people to develop their agencies for a fast-changing career landscape.

In this session, Henry is going to talk about the role you must adopt as a mentor to get the most out of your mentee. Specifically, going through the distinction between a counselor and a consultant.

During Henry’s session, we will explore 5 areas: 

1. Creating a space for your mentee to feel listened to 

2. How to be more of a soundboard for your mentee

3. How to give more constructive advice

4. How to improve the way your mentee thinks

5. How to utilise empathy