Building Trust with your Mentee

Dan Sullivan is building a talented forward thinking Gen Z community, connecting young people aged 18-25 to new opportunities, education and meaningful connections to help them thrive in the new world of work.Dan is working with Gen Z and other business leaders on new initiatives to help build a better and more inclusive world of work.He is also on a mission to bridge the gap between Gen Z and other generations, by shining a light on what value Gen Z bring, what they are passionate about and how to attract and retain the best young talent. He has interviewed a number of young people from Gen Z to share their ideas, experiences and perspectives in relation to the world of work, to help peer mentor other young people and reverse mentor experienced generations. Previously he spent 10 years working in the legal sector and during this time he launched a modern Barristers chambers in the heart of Legal London, where he became Chambers Director. Dan also founded The London Legal Networking Group which grew to over 1000 legal professionals and put on networking and educational events to the legal industry.

In this session, Dan is going to be talking about the dynamics of the relationship between a mentor and mentee, and why building trust is vital for the process.

During Dan’s session, we are going to get an insight into the following main areas:

  1. What does trust look like with a mentee?
  2. Why is building trust important?
  3. How do we build trust?