Asking Questions

Johannes has centered his life around three main aspects; Consulting, Coaching and People. After studying consumer psychology in LMU Germany, Johannes went on to pursue work in the fields of business, manufacturing and consulting. Even afterwards, he got an MSc in Coaching and Consulting from the HEC school of management and Oxford University. His work as a consultant has taken him all over the globe in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Malaysia. Currently, Johannes finds himself directing M2 MindMatters and Germalkota. 

In this session, Johannes is going to be dissecting the concept of ‘questioning’ and informing us on how we can effectively get the most beneficial session with our mentees.

During Johannes’s session, we are going to get an insight into 4 main areas:

  1. Why do we ask questions?
  2. Ways to ask questions
  3. The art of listening
  4. No questions without answers