Areas of Insight

While there is no limit to the myriad of insights you can provide to your mentees, it is important to identify the key topics the high school students of this generation want to hear about. In this session, we will run through some of the key areas that you might potentially be discussing with your mentee. As you find yourself in these session, it is important that you are prepped and have an idea of how you can help each mentee.

  • University Insights
    • General University experience (Academic/social/co-curricular)
    • Specific Universities Insights 
    • Subject consultation and ‘taste’ 
    • Post IB/A-level Support and Clearing 
  • Pre-University Insights
    • Guidance for IB/A level projects, e.g. EE, IAs  
    • Guidance for Letter of Applications 
    • Interview guidance and mock sessions (e.g UAL/Oxbridge interview process)
    • Guidance for Personal Statements 
    • Guidance for country specific tests, e.g. SAT
    • Pre-uni work experience and project with Student Societies
    • Course planning and enrolment assistance 
  • General Life Insights
    • Insights into specific regions and cultures (foreign country acclimatisation) 
    • Study/Revision Techniques and Academic advice
    • Guidance for internships summer work experience 
    • Financial literacy and budgeting 

Mentors are not expected to give leading views on every single possible topic above. We simply expect you to draw on anecdotes and guide a mentor to your best ability.