Mentee Information

As an Oracui Mentee, you will be given the opportunity to consult and learn from experienced university students on a variety of areas. These are done through curated 1:1 video meetings which we will set up in accordance to the descriptions and objectives of you and the Mentors. Some of the areas of conversation which you may find useful, include;

  • The general university experience

  • An insight into life at a specific university

  • Your intended academic course and other

  • Studying material you wish to pursue

  • Co-curricular activities such as sporting teams or any other clubs

  • The overall transition from high school to university

  • General guidance and advice

If a Mentee wishes, they will also be given the chance to continue connecting with their Mentor and form a longer term relationship through further scheduled meetings.

For more information on the Mentee role, you can download the full information guide below:

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