About Us

Who We Are

Insights with Experts is a multimedia platform by Oracui, we encourage and foster discussion, learning and create an informed global community.

Long Story Short

Being students ourselves, we’ve been through the intricacies of the schooling system and we’ve come to recognise that schools’ curricula are often outdated; limiting students from their passions. We’ve come to realise that the best sources of knowledge often derive from the experienced. This motivated us to create network that links students to professionals through a range of multimedia content. Our vision for the future is to bridge a pathway between aspiring student and experienced mentors around the globe.

Meet The Team

Shyam Bhuller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Joao Nina Matos, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jonathan Yip, Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

Daria Nekrasova, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Idris- Din, Head of Corporate Opportunities

Naylin Al, Head of Public Affairs

Brainilio Imambaks Rodrigues, Technical Developer

Shyam Bhuller

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Shyam, based in Melbourne, Australia, studies Economics with Politics and International Studies at the University of Melbourne. Outside of studies, he coaches strength and conditioning and enjoys long distance running. His vision for Discere is to create a platform for students to express themselves and not be limited by the confinements of school curriculum; Discere is here to give students a community to grow.

Joao Lucas Nina Matos

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Joao, sometimes also known as Lucas, is based in Singapore and is currently still in high school. Very academically curious, his interests cover a wide range of topics from politics to computational neuroscience and he has a particular passion for tech. Beyond just a student, he is a developer and enjoys various other hobbies too, like basketball. He also feels strongly about education and has spoken out in order to raise awareness and encourage change. Read more about him on his website. For him, Discere is a passion project to create a meaningful impact by providing a platform for the youth to discuss and share their insights and grow a truly global, inclusive, learning community.

Jonathan Yip

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

Jonathan lives and plays in the concrete jungle that is Singapore. On his off days, he enjoys reading across a breadth of topics and the occasional CS GO game; barring toxic teammates. His vision for Discere is for it to become the pre-eminent platform for change amongst youths.

Daria Nekrasova

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Daria, currently based in Cardiff, Wales, is studying Media and Communications at Cardiff University. Outside of learning, Daria enjoys swimming and playing tennis. She also reads and researches the newest trends in the fashion and influencer industry. As a new member of Discere, Daria is hoping for the platform to be an outlet for students to expand their knowledge and get an insight of the world outside school with the help of many incredible experts.


Head of Corporate Opportunities

Idris, currently based in Exeter, UK, studies Psychology at the University of Exeter. Idris has attended various MUN conferences, has been involved in student activism, advocated for nation-building agenda, fenced for the university team at competitions, and plays the piano when he’s back home in Malaysia. He believes that since the youth are our future, then what better way to empower them through Discere; a platform which provides an opportunity to grow, to engage in discourse with industry experts and to be inspired to make a change to the world.

Naylin Al

Head of Public Affairs

Naylin is currently living in Melbourne, Australia where he reads Economics and Politics at the University of Melbourne. Academically-driven, Naylin’s passion for education and mentorship has found harmony at Oracui.com. His interest in inequality has prompted him to advocate the importance of equal educational opportunities for youth around the world. Naylin believes that Oracui.com is a step in making that a reality with its growing community of experts and students. Beyond Oracui.com, Naylin enjoys playing rugby, gymming, and reading.

Brainilio Imambaks Rodrigues

Full-Stack Technical Developer

Hey there! I’m Brainilio and I’ll be taking up the role of a full-stack developer within the Oracui team. Driven by empathy and creativity, I’ll be making sure to deliver quality and user tailored technology. In my free time you’ll find me whipping up goodness in the kitchen, letting my creativity flow free on paper as I’m drawing away or play along with my favorite songs on the guitar!!

Discere: A Timeline

  • July 5th 2020: The Discere Team is Born

    On July 5th, the final Discere team was complete. Over the coming weeks we worked hard to put together and launch Discere

  • August 11 2020: Discere Launches

    After working hard on articles, brand design and our strategies, we managed to get Discere up and running.