Speaking Up – Joel Lim

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Joel Lim graduated from MTU 2 years ago. There he studies communications as well as visual communications. After graduating, Joel started working in a social media PR agency. Over the last year, some of his content on social media surrounding the GE2020 in Singapore went viral and from there, Joel decided to pursue that.

Quick Summary

What made you want to go into the industry and what was the journey like?

Joel has always had a big interest with social media so for his content to go viral, was a complete accident. Back in the day, Joel used Instagram for the photo filters to then post those photos on Twitter. He was always opinionated and used social media as a way to convey his message. During the GE2020, being held during the Covid-19 pandemic, people took their opinions online more than ever before. Joel noticed that during the general election, there was a much larger number of younger people who got interested in politics. Earlier in his journey, Joel Lim worked alongside influencers being part of a PR agency.

Why should students start to express their opinions more?

With social media, there is a large possibility of people’s voices being heard more than ever. Joel did mention that there are still haters and people using social media irresponsibly. However, as an individual who is making a conscious effort to use social media respectfully, it can really open up information and opportunities for people.

As an influencer in Singapore, has there ever been a fear of crossing the line and speaking out too much?

As mentioned, Joel never had a filter and was so opinionated. He had no fear of saying too much. Before going viral, it was easier to speak his mind because he felt small and didn’t think that his opinions would ever be truly heard by politicians. It felt easy for him to speak up because those people knew him in real life. Joel did not have a natural introduction into the industry because his content just blew up over a couple days. There was no real fear when his content did go viral as Joel was just speaking about his opinions. He did learn over time that there is a better way of approaching his opinions.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Despite the circumstances, enjoy the good parts.

The only way for people to hear you is to speak up.” – Joel Lim

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