Urban Farming – Bjorn Low

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Bjorn Low is the Executive Director of Edible Garden City in Singapore. He is also a PhD candidate in RMIT. Bjorn was also the finalist for the 2018 Singaporean of the Year award.

Quick Summary

What made you want to go into the industry and what was the journey like?

When Bjorn went to school and university, he had no idea what he really wanted to do. He worked in enterprising for 7 years which allowed him to travel and move to London. During his time in London, he got really interested in farming. Himself and his wife left their jobs to try out agriculture. Bjorn decided to go to school and get certified for agriculture. He started a farm in UK but wanted to come back to Singapore in order to help develop the country’s agriculture.

There is a misconception that agriculture requires certain external factors (weather, space) how do you overcome that in a place like Singapore?

Everything stems from being inquisitive and trying to come up with innovative solutions. Bjorn mentioned that everyone wants to do the impossible, but that is only the initial push. Bjorn didn’t try to always grow crops that clearly wouldn’t flourish in Singaporean weather. He wanted to revisit crops and food that is local to the Singaporean culture.

What should be an incentive for the youth to go into social enterprises ?

Social enterprises in Singapore has been growing over the past 7 to 8 years. An important push factor is for people to use their skills. There is a big emotional factor where people feel like they have a purpose when they go to work.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Search for your passion and live that passion.

“It is human nature for people to want to grow something that hasn’t been grown before.– Bjorn Low

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