Sustainability and Fashion – Romina C

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Romina is a business design consultant at the Chemistry Team. She is also the founder and blogger at Blaastyle. She was born in Switzerland but has a base in Singapore. After university and many experiences with brands and events, Romina has decided to make blogging and content creation, her full time job.

Quick Summary

What made you want to go into the industry and what was the journey like?

Fashion has always been a passion for Romina. Since a young age she has been reading, drawing and watching everything to do with Fashion so it was so surprise to her when she realised that that’s what she wanted to go into in her adulthood. When Romina starting blogging and vlogging, there was no real information about the topic during that time. Se had to figure out what to do herself and optimize her content to the best of her ability. After her entrepreneurial experience, Romina tried a more “structured” corporate job in Singapore, still in the fashion field. Realising it wasn’t for her, she moved to Tokyo to do consulting. Now she is in Singapore working with Chemistry Team.

What is the circular economy?

The concept has many definitions. Romina’s approach was taken from Ellen MacArthur. Circular economy is moving away from the linear “take make” economy and implement a closed loop in the value chain. The three principles that Ellen MacArthur mentioned are “design out waste and pollution”, “keep products and materials in use” and “regenerate natural systems.”

What is your opinion of fashion sustainability?

Romina said that because of her interest in sustainability in the fashion world, she slowed down her “influencer” job to take a step back and see what she can change in her day to day pattern. She said that with all the PR she was receiving from brands, it was causing too much individual waste as she couldn’t physically use everything she got.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t dwell on an idea, just go out and do it!

“As organisations and people, we must adapt our current consumption model.” – Romina C

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