Supporting Futures – Nathaniel Diong

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Nathaniel is the current CEO and Founder of Future Minds Network. It’s a network that aims to help the youth who are struggling with unemployment. Nathaniel is also on various non for profit boards and takes part in mentorship coordinating with a variety of credible organisations. 

Quick Summary

What inspired you to want to go into your current field? Was it always on your mind or did you ‘fall’ into the industry?

Nathaniel suggests that his journey started way back in his childhood. Coming from a strong religious household, Nathaniel was always taught by his parents to give back and help those who need it more. At 16, he started his work on creating a platform for the youth to be confident and have a better sense of their path. Despite achieving so much, Nathaniel is still very connected with where he started from. 

Life being so unpredictable and constantly evolving, how do you think we can mitigate that process and come to terms with all the changes?

Looking at the situation on a global level, we are currently in an unemployment crisis. We are in a position where we do not have the right skills to fulfill the needs of employers. One of the biggest things we need to focus on are human skills; communicating, creativity, leadership. These are things that we cannot learn from a textbook. 

To what extent would you recommend students take entrepreneurship as a path of life? 

Nathaniel believes that everybody should try to take it on as a path of life. However, he thinks that not everybody should pursue it full time. Not everyone has the right mindset to take on something so unpredictable like entrepreneurship. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that there is an interesting path you go on. During that path, successful or not, you gain invaluable skills. 

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Just try, failure is inevitable. 

“We are constantly on a learning journey.”

– Nathaniel Diong

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