The Unique Mission – Daniel Gefen

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Daniel Gefen is a podcast host with over 250,000 downloads. He is also founder of Gefen Media Group; a podcast booking agency. In addition, he is a co-founder of, a platform to connect podcasts and potential guests. Having written ‘The self help addict’, Daniel is also an international bestselling author.

Quick Summary

What inspired you to want to go into media, more specifically podcasts? Was it always on your mind or did you ‘fall’ into the industry?  

My journey in podcasts started when I was invited onto a podcast as a guest. As I was talking to the host of the podcast, he mentioned the metrics he was getting for each episode. That was when I realised the potential of podcasts as a medium to reach a large base of users. Additionally, podcasts have a  trend which is especially rare. That the engagement rate of podcasts is might higher than normal considering the decreasing attention span of most consumers. It was a combination of these 2 that made me realise the importance of podcasts and motivated me to enter the industry. 

Do you see podcasts as playing a major role in the next generation of media? Is this a form of media the youth should learn to leverage to ‘keep up? 

“A million percent” There are now over 150 million americans listening to podcasts regularly. The reason why is attention. Right now traditional social media platforms are really noisy. Daniel believes that the high engagement rate of podcast vs social media which typically has an attention span of 3 seconds, podcast is the new go to platform for marketers. Using podcasts buys more time for marketers to make their pitch as 85% of listeners to podcasts’ listen to the whole episode. Additionally, the mean duration of podcasts are 45 mins long. He also believes the demographic of listeners of podcasts leans towards users who are interested in self-help and self-improvement; this means higher engagement rates with products advertised on podcasts that aligns to the audience’s interest.

In your book “The Self Help Addict’, you touch on many interested themes revolving around self development. I wanted to particularly talk about procrastination seeing it’s a significant obstacle many students face. In summary, how do you think students can deal with this obstacle? 

Most of the reason why we fail is because we don’t try.  Daniel shares that in an interview with billionaire Jeff Hoffman, he talks about a sign he has in his office which reads “ Ideas are welcomed here but execution is worshipped”.  Daniell believes that perhaps a greater inhibitor is execution. More specifically, that fear of success might be more overpowering than fear of failure. When people succeed, they now face more challenges in executing and pushing themself. The solution to this would be having control of your emotions and feelings.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Everyone on this planet is unique. Looking at fingerprints as an example, no two individuals have ever had the same fingerprint. What this tells me is that you have a unique personal mission on this planet that no one else can do. What people need to understand is that they were important and needed. That the world would not be the same without you, they will appreciate themselves more.

When you get out of your comfortable zone, you break and tear apart your fears


Daniel Gefan

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